Bast in his stroller..

my baby

I just started walking to try and exercise more. I went out later tonight & thought to myself that it would be the purrfect opportunity to walk my Bast in his stroller.. Am I weird? Lol


10 thoughts on “Bast in his stroller..

      • Aww. I can understand them being scared. Lol that’s adorable that your friend takes hers in a baby buggy. I’d love to see that. When I was a child I used to push one of our cats around in a doll buggy & dress her up in baby clothes. My mom thought she hated it so tried to take her out of the buggy & she bit my mom. So my mom left her in it. Turns out she liked being dressed up & pushed around in it. Lol

      • Haha. Yeah each cat is different. My friend once had a lady that wanted to say hello to her baby. Before she could stop her that lady looked at the cat and screamed – obviously didn’t expect a kitty xD

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