Since I’ve been mia

I can’t believe how long I have lagged on blogging. But I have been up to some interesting things. Like taking Gemology Classes!!! I’m so in love with the two classes I have been taking. Colored Stones 1 & Diamonds.

Here are some pictures of Colored Diamonds from a Alumni Meeting I went to. imageimageimageimage



I am so excited! I spent most of my day organizing a lot of the amazing stones I bought to make jewelry… I had no idea I had collected so much. I’ll finish organizing all of them tomorrow. And then I’ll be able to determine what I need to make for them or if I can wire wrap them.. I hope I can sleep tonight. I have so many ideas! Of course Bast was there to help me the whole time. He’s amazing ❤ 

Meet My Cat

I would like to introduce you to my cat Bast. He loves to help me make jewelry. Every time I work on anything having to do with jewelry he is there.. He loves to check out all of the stones and lay on them or rub them.. He will even lay on everything I’m working on. And the best part is he loves to wear the jewelry that i make. He’s even claimed some of the necklaces as “His”


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